Mutual Funds – How to Pick a Winning Large-Cap Mutual Fund in Mere Minutes!

Want to learn an easy way to pick a winning large-cap mutual fund in mere minutes? Easy! Before I show you the steps, I want to remind you of why it makes more sense to invest for the long term than to go for a quick profit. At times, you will have the urge to go for a quick profit. But to be a successful investor you must be disciplined enough to resist that urge. It’s like this. All gamblers can get lucky once in a while and variable reinforcement is powerful.

But do YOU want to plan your financial future around getting lucky? No! The bottom line is this: Instead of hoping for a short-term profit, doesn’t it make more sense to learn a proven process today and not deviate from it? Yes, of course because the benefits to YOU will be as follows:

1. more money in your brokerage account than if you gamble your hard-earned money away by using a silly program that some fool sold to you. Just think about it. If someone really does know how to make quick profits, would he or she tell you about it? No! Would they sell you their system? No! By getting real about money you can avoid the sharks.

2. more time for family and friends because using a proven process is faster than wasting your time on trying out one big idea after another.

3. less stress because you’ll always know what the next step is.

Ready to get started?

Step 1 – Begin with the end in mind. The result you want is to match the market’s performance–less your cost of investing–long term. Remember, “long term” means more than ten years. By simply matching the market’s performance, your picks will outperform the picks of the experts who are trying to beat the market.

Step 2 – Be honest with yourself about your results. For instance, do you have the necessary skills to pick managed mutual funds that will beat the market? To learn the truth about your skills, please answer this question: Long term, have you ever picked a fund that beat the market? No? Don’t worry. Did you know that index funds are designed to match the market’s performance? Well, it’s true! So, combine that fact with the fact that not one expert has ever picked a mix of managed funds that beat a core mix of index funds in performance, long term, and it will guide you in keeping your money working for YOUR own benefit–NOT the benefit of an expert that you hired.

Step 3 – Pick one winning mutual fund right now. Ready? Do a search on Google for a large-cap index fund. Find one that costs not more than 0.07%, per year. Try it now! Tip: Copy this phrase “large-cap index funds that cost 0.07%” and paste it into the Google search window. Next, click search.

What did you discover?

Did you discover that Vanguard has a large-cap fund that costs not more than 0.07%, per year? Yes? Does Fidelity have one? Yes? See how easy it is to do a search? Now, from your list just pick whichever index fund you prefer. That was easy and fast, right? Don’t you love it when people treat you right? Don’t you love going back for more helpful informat

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